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directed by Joachim Back

Control’s Ambassador.

Cinematic, classy, photographic, profound and timeless imagery to sustain strong and deep stories. Ho, and Oscar Winner for his first short film « The New Tenants ». 

With a couple of friends, they started to shoot their own projects, until Joachim rare sensibility for comedy was clearly noticed. Since then, the summary of his career could be done in one word: achievement (& success but it would make two words). Those success went through a non-stop working for many campaigns: Land Rover, Chivas, Total, Audi, Stella Artois, Viagra, Charal, Volvo, and so many more! Besides, the Viagra blue pill’s spot nearly won every existing price. Eventually, this incredible path led Joachim to the highest stair of the most prestigious podium: Academy Awards rewarded him with an Oscar for Best Action Short in 2009, with his amazing “The new Tenants”. For many years now, he’s been living in New York with his wife and two kids. Joachim decided to be part of our Control adventure since the very first discussions, to build the production boutique he has always dreamt about. He places himself as a great director of course, but also as the worldwide ambassador of the company.